syn·di·catea language for interactive programs


There are two steps to installing Syndicate for Racket:

  1. Install Racket
  2. Install the Syndicate package using the Racket package manager

At that point, you can run example programs and develop your own.


First, install Racket by following the instructions on

After installation is complete, start DrRacket. From the Unix command-line, run drracket.

DrRacket after opening


Choose the DrRacket File>Package Manager... menu item.

DrRacket package manager

Type “syndicate” into the Package Source field, and click Install.

Once the installation has completed, close the Package Manager window.

Syndicate package installation complete

You can alternatively use the command-line to install the syndicate package:

raco pkg install --auto syndicate

Running Examples

… from DrRacket

Try running a small non-graphical example in DrRacket: choose File>Open Require Path... (also available by pressing Shit+Ctrl+O), and type syndicate/examples/actor/bank-account.rkt into the field at the top of the window that appears. Click OK.

bank-account example source

You will be greeted with the source to bank-account.rkt. Click the Run button.

bank-account example output

Now try a small graphical example: choose File>Open Require Path... again, and this time, type syndicate-gl/examples/clock-face.rkt before clicking OK.

clock-face example source

You will be greeted with the source to clock-face.rkt. Click the Run button. After a moment, the following window should appear. The hands of the clock are draggable; press q to close the window.

clock-face window

… from the command line

You can also run these examples from the command line. The bank account example can be run as follows:

$ racket -l syndicate/examples/actor/bank-account
Balance changed to 0
Balance changed to 100
Balance changed to 70

The following command starts the clock-face program:

$ racket -l syndicate-gl/examples/clock-face