Syndicated Actors for Rust (and a new extensible server implementation)

For my system layer project, I need a fast, low-RAM-usage, flexible, extensible daemon that speaks the Syndicate network protocol and exposes dataspace and system management services to other processes.

So I built one in Rust.

git clone

It uses the Syndicated Actor Model internally to structure its concurrent activities. The actor model implementation is split out into a crate of its own, syndicate, that can be used by other programs. There is also a crate of macros, syndicate-macros, that makes working with dataspace patterns over Preserves values a bit easier.1

The syndicate crate is reasonably extensively documented. The server itself is documented here.

The implementation includes:

  1. Future work for syndicate-macros is to add syntactic constructs for easily establishing handlers for responding to assertions and messages, cutting out the boilerplate, in the same way that Racket’s syndicate macros do. In particular, having a during! macro would be very useful.